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Clipping is the continuous monitoring of mentions, quotes, news and reports that are made in the media. The main objective is to build a brand and authority of a company. So, see how it works and the importance to your business.

Communication, marketing and dissemination, this is certainly one of the main objectives of several companies. After all, it is through these actions that a company becomes recognized in the market. 

When we talk about countless media appearances, it is important to carry out the monitoring process. 

After all, for organizations that seek to work with the press office, it is important to have the measurement and analysis of the results obtained. After all, what's the point of doing a job if you can't identify improvements?

With that in mind, we have separated for you the main information on how clipping works. In addition, see the importance of this monitoring and also how it can be done. 

What is digital clipping?

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Clipping is a report that contains a record of all materials available in the media regarding the image of a company, product, organization, etc. Therefore, today we have a significant amount of information at our disposal.

This strategy is no longer just recording mentions of a company in newspapers, radio and television. Therefore, the clipping digital monitors websites. Not only, but also blogs, news portals, videos, social networks and even podcasts in search of mentions of a brand. In addition, it is critical for evaluating a company's online presence.

That is, this measurement is performed in the digital environment. After all, it is much more complete than the monitoring of news that was done by the press offices in the traditional communication scenario.

What we do with this information is what will differentiate a simple news clipping from a powerful communication strategy for your company.

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What is the value of clipping?

Clipping helps measure a company's reputation, how it is being portrayed in the media, and assess what topics are resonating on social media. In this way, a well-implemented media monitoring strategy helps you to manage and protect your image and brand reputation.   

What are the main benefits of digital clipping?

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When hiring a press office, your business gains credibility, having greater visibility in the market, thus building authority and much more. In this way, do not waste time and have your company well positioned in the market in which it operates. So, what are you waiting for to get ahead of your competitors and have great occupation in the market?

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1. Stay informed

O clipping digital collects data from across the web and brings it together in one place. As a result, you are updated with all your brand mentions in real time. Also, if you discover something negative, you can take immediate action to resolve the issue.

2. Understand customers' perception of your brand

Carrying out monitoring lets you know what people are saying about your brand on social media. What they like, what they expect from your brand and especially what they are complaining about.

3. Manage your brand reputation

By crawling the web for mentions of your brand, you can promptly respond to discussions, criticisms, or questions that are being raised. In this way, an immediate response to any feedback shows customers that you care about their experience and reverses potential negative perceptions.

4. Avoid crises

A negative review or comment can go viral and damage your brand's reputation. Thus, clipping digital makes it much easier to identify any negative mentions of your brand. In addition, it is possible to react quickly, preventing the problem from escalating and a more significant crisis.

5. Make future decisions

Through this tracking, you can collect data from across the web to make better future decisions based on these insights.

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6. Improve your products or services

Analyzing the results of the data can help you identify gaps and suggest improvements to be made to your products or services.

7. Measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategies

Media monitoring is a great strategic tool to measure and improve the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. communication. In this way, you can closely monitor the attention of the media and the public, if you managed to reach your target audience and if the reaction received was what your company was looking for.  

8. Find ideas for new content

Media monitoring helps you identify market trends and identify the needs of your target audience. That is, through monitoring, you can find new ideas and creative angles for your content. 

How to do a clipping step by step?

1. Find a clipping service

The first step is to find a media monitoring service. There are many paid options that deliver in-depth content. However, Google offers some free tools for those starting out or with few resources.

Google Alerts is a free tool and all you have to do is add keywords and filter the result type. In addition, you can also perform a quick search on Google News. This will show recent media coverage of your brand.

The best thing about a monitoring tool is convenience. After all, it collects and analyzes the data for you and sends the report directly to your email at your chosen times.

2. Define your first monitoring project

Enter the keywords you want to monitor. They can be associated with your company name, your competitors, your industry, a specific product you offer, or a campaign you run.

From now on, the tool will automatically collect all mentions of the keywords of your choice. So, all you have to do is go through them from time to time and browse the results. 

3. Establish the monitoring frequency

Each medium has its own content posting frequency and you need a constant monitoring process to find out if your brand has been mentioned. So, depending on the size of your brand, you can check for new results monthly, weekly, or even daily.

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4. Analyze your results through clipping 

After gathering all the information from your clipping, you must analyze the results and identify the positive aspects and opportunities for improvement.

How to assemble a news clipping?

Having a good results organization system is essential when setting up news monitoring.

Have a good cataloging process

Define how the content will be divided: by campaign, by means, by reach, etc.

Organize your results in chronological order

Whether in ascending or descending chronological order, organize your results within each folder by the date they occurred. 

In addition to making it easier to search for specific content, the organization in chronological order allows you to have a better view of the growth of your company and the strategies that worked the most.

Include your competitors

When you're confident with how your clipping is working, you can add some queries about your competitors to see what they are doing. 

So, catalog the results using the same system applied to your content to make it easier to compare two or more competing companies.

Build a press page

You can create a page on your website dedicated to the best results of your monitoring. Thus, it is possible to show the most important website mentions, testimonials from satisfied customers and videos made about your brand. 

This way, you can not only educate potential customers about your brand, but also showcase your past efforts. After all, it helps you gain trust and credibility.

Hire our press office!

When hiring a press office, your business gains credibility, having greater visibility in the market, thus building authority and much more. In this way, do not waste time and have your company well positioned in the market in which it operates. So, what are you waiting for to get ahead of your competitors and have great occupation in the market?

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