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what is a guideline? Every professional has a guide that guides their work. The architect, for example, has a blueprint for the property, the pilot has a flight plan and every journalist has an agenda. So, see more about this guide that guides professionals in the communication area.

The journalistic agenda serves as a starting point for a report. In addition, the production of quality content depends entirely on a well-crafted agenda.

A good story should contain instructions that guide the journalist in his task, specifying details regarding the approach he should follow to report. Therefore, it is she who guides the reporter's work. That is, informing about what will be talked about, with whom, where, what tone this approach will take and what the sources will be.

But the agenda is not only used for newspapers and news portals. It is increasingly common for individuals to create guidelines to produce content for blogs, Youtube, social media posts and podcasts. Plus, a good story helps you organize your thoughts, determine what you want to convey, and create a flow for your narration.

Therefore, see more information about what is an agenda, how to do it and what to have for these people in the communication area to do a good job.

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What is the meaning of agenda?

According to the dictionary, the meaning of agenda is “a meticulous enumeration of ideas”, “script that contains the most important subjects to be included in the edition of a newspaper, a magazine, a radio or television program”. But an agenda is much more than that. It is the soul of any informative production.

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What is a guideline and how to do it?

After all, what is an agenda? The number one factor in developing a successful agenda is organization. The more organized you are, the easier it will be to manage and create a solid agenda.

Before writing a story you need to know what makes an event newsworthy and what kind of stories you will be reporting.  

In general, the agenda is usually decided in a meeting in which everyone involved in the production of that content suggests topics and analyzes the news of the week. The agenda meeting is the most important moment in the production of journalistic content.

The starting point for a good story is the relevance of the subject to your audience. A car accident may be relevant to the residents of a neighborhood but not to an entire city. In addition, the agenda model differs depending on the medium for which the content will be produced. 

So a television story should include details about what to expect in terms of video, while the newspaper should contain instructions on how to get the best shots. As for the radio or podcast, there must be a breakdown of which audios should be captured.   

What to include on the agenda?

Now that you know what is an agenda, know what to have in this material. To keep your audience interested, you must tell a story.

When you write a story, you must know what to include and what to cover in the story to make it interesting for your audience. A good tip is to follow the theory of the 5Ws (or the five basic questions of journalism):

  1. Who: Who is the story about? Who is affected? Will anyone benefit? Who loses?
  2. What: What happened? What are the consequences? What does this mean for the reader?
  3. Where: Where is this happening (building, neighborhood, street, city, country)?
  1. When: When did it happen (hour, day, month, year)? When was the last update? Can you expect more information? When will the effects be felt?
  1. Why: Why did this event happen? Why is it important? Should readers care?

Don't rush to answer every question in the first minute or paragraph. Decide which storytelling strategy works best for you.

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How is a guideline made?

What is an agenda?
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To make your story interesting to your audience, make sure you focus on the following aspects:

  • Punctuality:

The punctuality of a topic is very important. Something that is relevant today may not be relevant tomorrow, so keep the temporal context in mind when deciding what to communicate.

  • Proximity:

Proximity is also very important, as it interferes with the importance your audience will give to your story. If what you're narrating seems far from the reality they know, they're likely to be less interested.

  • Impact or Consequence:

Think about the impact or consequence of what you will report and how it will affect people.

  • Audience interests:

Before writing a story, think about whether people will be interested in it. So write about what your audience is interested in and what they want to hear.

  • Importance:

Assess the importance of an issue by looking at who the stakeholders are and what impact the issue you are addressing has on your audience.

Important tips when creating 

Write an agenda and try to keep it as simple as possible. For viewers need to feel that your stories are aimed at them, otherwise they will walk away. So when writing, it's a good idea to pretend that someone is sitting across from you. 

Numbers are often difficult to absorb, especially if there are a lot of them. So, try to approach a topic by focusing only on the numbers that are fundamental to the topic.

Also, always read your story aloud so you can judge whether the audience will be able to understand what you want to convey.

What is a content agenda and how does it affect your company?

what is a guideline of content? The content agenda is the direction by which you would like a certain topic to be addressed. The same story can be told in many different ways.

The content agenda is fundamental to the communication of your company. Because as already explained, just numbers and facts are not enough to create an interesting story and attract media attention.

Thus, the most important rule for creating a content agenda for your company is that the agenda does not look for you, you create a good agenda.

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Writing press material, here are some tips

Writing a story to inform the press about happenings at your company is no different from any other type of story.

As such, you need to choose the content of your communication, who you will be communicating to and most importantly, you still need to remember to try to establish a human connection with whoever you are writing.

Therefore, a key factor for your press release to be chosen by the media is precisely the choice of target audience within the media. That is, people interested in writing about your type of product.

Another key factor when writing a press-oriented content agenda is to remember that reporters receive dozens, if not hundreds, of Releases every day, so take the time to make your communication stand out from the crowd.

Also, if you want your press release to be interesting, you have to give readers a reason to care. Reporters don't have time to sift through all the details and information about your company and sift through what's worth it. So, a good content story already does this filtering and delivers to the media exactly what they need to know to create good stories.

A good content agenda geared towards the disclosure of your brand or product must also contain keywords that improve the ranking of articles about your company in search engines.

Creating a good agenda is essential!

Always keep in mind that while the moment of creating an agenda seems to be the simplest part of creating content, it is the most important. It is better to invest more time in creating good material than to waste days of work with poor communication.

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