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Social proof marketing seems to be such a simple factor, which is why many people think it's not worth investing to leverage their business. Not only, but you also don't know about the benefits that this marketing modality can offer. But do you know the importance of this technique? 

After all, what is social proof? How important is its use? How can it help your business? Can social media help in the social proofing process? 

Well, the use of this technique can be a main point to favor the success of your business or failure. Thinking about these factors, see the main information so you can use social proof efficiently and get good results. 

What is social proof?

Social proof is a technique and methodology present within marketing. Many people have no idea of ​​its importance, but we can see some factors that we do when purchasing a product and it is totally linked to this technique. 

An example of this behavior is when we go to the supermarket to buy a packet of rice. Therefore, when choosing which brand we will take, we are not tied to the value, the usefulness that that product has, but what other people say or think about that product or brand. 

In other words, if a product is very famous and a champion in the sales process, according to our mind it is a good product. Even if it's not and many people know it, but that's how our subconscious works. 

Thus, at this moment comes the importance of social proof, which are elements that aim to show the acceptance of a company in the market in which it operates, in the opinion of people and consumers. 

So what can be included at this point is: 

  • The number of visitors to the website, which increases brand recognition and consequently its authority. 
  • Number of followers on social networks 
  • Reviews about the company on websites, such as: Complain here 
  • User feedback and comments about the company's products or services 

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Origin of social proof

The first use of this term was used by Robert Cialdini, the same professor of psychology and marketing. Since then, it has been applied in several businesses.

Furthermore, according to the book “The Psychology of Persuasion” in Portuguese it is called As Armas da Persuasion, it states that people tend to copy the actions of others. That is, for the purpose of asserting themselves on certain occasions. 

Thus, the theory present in this book states that in certain situations in which the human being cannot individually determine the appropriate way to behave, he uses the idea of ​​other people who have greater knowledge and expertise to decide what to do in this situation. 

Social Proof Muzafer Sherif's Study

Another great research that affirms the veracity of this marketing tool is a study carried out in 1935, by Muzafer Sherif, a psychologist who experimented with a group of people inside a room individually.  

At another time, he did the same activity with all the people in the same room and asked everyone to speak aloud about their opinion. 

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Thus, the psychologist identified that there were many contradictions between the people, as they decided to follow the opinion of the other people who were present there.  

Still, a third experiment was carried out and the people kept their opinions that they acquired in the gymkhana than in the group. 

Thus, it is possible to observe that when some people expose their opinions, those who have doubts or do not know, decide to follow those who manifest themselves first, even if they are not right. 

In this way, social proof has the purpose of helping people make their decisions faster, when they find themselves in certain situations where they do not know what action to take. 

An example for a better understanding of this term is when you are going to a wedding, for example, you don't know where the venue is.  

But, you find several people with clothes as if they were for a wedding, women in dresses with the color chosen by the bride and among other factors. So, you decide to follow them, as you deduce that they know the exact location of the event. 

In this way, you are making use of social proof to make a certain decision, which is to follow people to get to the wedding venue. 

How important is the use of social proof for business?

The use of this technique helps your business to have an identity before society, about the products or services offered. Because, whenever they think of a brand, they seek to associate it with an identity that has been created over the years. 

And to create such an identity you need to use marketing strategies that help increase and facilitate this process in a positive way. 

In addition, this modality helps in increasing conversion rates. Therefore, your business increases authority in the segment in which it operates, acquires greater acceptance, provides more transparency to its consumers and, best of all, acquires greater conversions, as previously stated. 

In addition, the brand becomes a reference in the field in which it operates and consequently the growth of the company's name appears. In which, it becomes the success that is the result of all the factors obtained from a small gesture that is social proof.  

That is, a modality that is often forgotten by many entrepreneurs can change the course of an institution's profits in a totally positive way. 

Therefore, it is a technique that is worth investing in and offering greater attention.

What are the applications of social proof in marketing?

Social proof Marketing

Offering a high quality product to your consumers is important for the good development of your business. But, that alone does not increase the conversion rate.  

Therefore, you as an entrepreneur must also present to your customers the real reasons, so that they can purchase your products and services. 

Especially when it comes to internet sales, where the consumer cannot access the product before making the purchase.  

Thus, the use of social proof in marketing becomes of great importance. Because, its main purpose is to encourage and effectively show the quality of the products that your business offers. 

In addition, some studies show that a large number of people trust recommendations from people they know more than when the recommendation comes from people they do not know. 

In this way, see some applications of social proof in marketing that you can do online in your business, in order to obtain a greater number of conversions and among other factors already mentioned that this technique can offer.

1- Reviews and comments

This modality, when made available on a website, helps Visitantes have more confidence in the products that a company offers. In this space, users can leave their comments and evaluations about the products purchased from the company. 

In this way, a site with comments has a greater number of chances of convincing a consumer to buy than a site or blog that does not have this modality. 

Therefore, the main tip is that you start to encourage your consumers to leave their comments and evaluations about the product or service that was purchased.  

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A modality that helps in this process is the emails that can be sent to customers, asking them to make their evaluations and comments. 

2- Best sellers

On many websites E-commerce, there is a page where you can find the best selling products from that store. This modality is also a technique of social proof and helps consumers to know which product is good or not. Thus, facilitating the process of choosing products within that store. 

That way, it's worth leaving a section of your page online with the best-selling products. 

3- Sites for evaluation

Many consumers read reviews on sites such as Reclame Aqui before making a purchase at a particular venture. Therefore, your business cannot fail to be present on these platforms. 

But, it is important to point out that you cannot control what people will comment on the services your company offers.  

Therefore, it is also important for your business to always seek to maintain good service and quickly resolve possible problems that customers may have when purchasing a service or any product within your business. 

Therefore, this modality in addition to helping your consumer make decisions about whether or not to buy from your store. It also makes it easier for you to discover where you should improve based on the comments made about your company. Thus, you as an entrepreneur will fully benefit from this modality. 

4- Share

Social networks are tools that can help a lot in this process of social proof, especially if you work with the sale of products through e-commerce. Well, you can create social networks with the name of your company or store.  

So, when a customer receives your product, you can ask them to take a photo of the product received and post it on social media, tagging the store. 

In this way, you can be reposting these posts and showing your followers and new followers and potential customers that the company really has credibility and that there are real people who receive their products with high quality. 

They may seem like small gestures, but it helps a lot to encourage other people, so that they start to buy products from your company or purchase your services. 

5- News

News is also a form of social proof. Well, when a company goes out like news in a communication vehicle, in a positive way, it helps the company's image to be remembered by the consumer. 

Thus, it conveys greater reliability about its products and services, making possible consumers know about the quality and how good that particular brand is. 

6- Content Marketing

When your company creates a blog and starts posting relevant and well-structured content with a high wealth of information. The content is then shared between people on social networks.  

In this way, people get to know your brand, what it offers and among other factors, thus transforming it into a company with high visibility and authority, for being an expert on the subject.

7- Opinions of famous people

This modality can be one of the most expensive. But it is actually very good, especially when you have the opportunity to send your products so that people such as digital influencers can offer opinions about the quality of your brand. 

In what ways can social media help the social proof process in marketing?


Social networks are great allies of this technique in marketing and increasingly offer possibilities.  

In addition to the ways mentioned above, such as the sharing modality, there are other forms of social proof marketing through social networks, here are a few: 

  • Number of followers 

Nowadays we know about the importance of the number of followers that social networks can generate for anyone.  

When it comes to business and sales, it is also a modality that influences, and can certainly change the image of your company, for people who enter your social networks for the first time, if you make a good first impression, it is proof of social marketing.  

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Therefore, seeking to maintain a good relationship with followers and making them stay and become loyal followers is important for increasing people on your company's social networks. 

  • share feedback  

In addition to the number of followers, you can share customer feedback.  

This modality is also a form of social proof marketing. Also, you can ask your customers to record videos talking about the quality of your product. So you can share too.  

Also, don't forget to ask if you can publish it on your social networks, don't use people's images without permission. Well, it can cause problems for your company's image. 

  • Create content about your segment 

Start creating content and posting relevant information to your followers about the products your company offers. In this way, people come to trust more in the knowledge that the company has, helping to increase the authority of the brand and passing an excellent social marketing proof. 

How to do social proof?

In order to carry out certain social tests, it is important to partner with companies and specialized people, so that this technique is carried out effectively and especially with high quality. 

With these factors in mind, Sua Imprensa works with the modality of social proof, through news.  

In other words, Your Press helps to get a news about your company, product or services in a communication vehicle. In which, they can be physical newspapers, online and news. In this way, the portal where the news is made available gives greater authority over that company or brand. 

An example that we can cite is a company that offers cleaning services. Thus, when this organization hires a Press office, she wants to increase her brand authority. Thus, the consultancy will make a news item with the name of the company, informing about the cleaning services that it provides in a positive way. 

Therefore, it makes it easier for those people who have access to this matter to know about the quality of the service or product that your business offers and also brings greater reliability. 

In this way, it makes it easier for potential consumers to take an initiative to buy your service or product.

How to hire this type of service?

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In addition, Sua Imprensa offers high-quality and effective media relations services, so that you achieve a positive image in the media and make it easier for you to obtain a good image in the market in which it operates. 

The company offers fully affordable plans so you can hire and start succeeding.  

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In this way, the use of social proof becomes increasingly essential for the good development and increase of profits of any segment. It can even be a decisive factor in the continuation or termination of your business in the market. 

For this reason, you entrepreneur who wants to increase the authority and identity of your company, must partner with a specialized company to help in this process and facilitate your journey to success. 

Choose one of the plans we offer and make your brand known. 

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