Clipping: Understand the importance and how to do it


Clipping is the continuous monitoring of mentions, quotes, news and reports that are made in the media. The main objective is to build a brand and authority of a company. So, see how it works and the importance to your business. Communication, marketing and dissemination, this is certainly one of the main objectives of several… Read more

Price and value: What's the main difference?

price and value

Do you know what price and value mean? Well, “Price is what you pay; value is what you get”. Surely you've heard the famous quote by millionaire Warren Buffett out there. To understand more about these concepts, see the following article. If you own a business, you should surely… Read more

How to Get the Verification Seal on Instagram and TikTok: See Top Tips!

How to get the Verification Seal

The dream of many people who want to gain authority on the internet is to know how to get the verification seal the famous blue seal of Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter. But there are several rules and terms to be followed so that an account can receive this seal so sought after. Therefore, we have separated several information so that… Read more

How to become famous? See the top tips for success and fame.

how to get famous

How to become famous! If you've ever wondered how to get famous, then this article is for you. And although there are platforms that allow this to happen, without well-designed strategies, the path can become more difficult. Here in this article you will see how to become famous on Instagram, TikTok and on the internet as well. Please note … Read more

How to appear in the media

How to appear in the media

How to appear in the media have you ever stopped to think? This is a goal of most companies and personalities who want to be recognized. However, it is necessary to structure the communication of your enterprise, so that these appearances occur in a strategic way. To be among the best positioned companies, or to become a character of … Read more