Discover what media training is and its importance

media training

Media training is the training of a professional who will be the spokesperson for an organization. In other words, it is a course to prepare a person who will be responsible for giving interviews, having contact with TV channels, radio, magazines, and much more. So, see more information about this person and how important it is to … Read more

Follow up in the press office understand what it is

Follow up on press office

Follow up on the press office, you've certainly heard about this term at some point in your life. When doing the follow up translation, you can see what it means to “follow up”. This term is very common in sales environments. See more information and understand once and for all about this subject. Follow up… Read more

Press Office what it is: Find out how to do it in 2022 ☑

Press Office what is it

Press office is a strategy that seeks to offer and create a good relationship of a brand, company or person, in front of the market, through spontaneous disclosure. Therefore, we have separated some information on this subject, for you who want to see the benefits of the press office and increase your visibility and don't know how. … Read more

How to become famous? See the top tips for success and fame.

how to get famous

How to become famous! If you've ever wondered how to get famous, then this article is for you. And although there are platforms that allow this to happen, without well-designed strategies, the path can become more difficult. Here in this article you will see how to become famous on Instagram, TikTok and on the internet as well. Please note … Read more

How to appear in the media

How to appear in the media

How to appear in the media have you ever stopped to think? This is a goal of most companies and personalities who want to be recognized. However, it is necessary to structure the communication of your enterprise, so that these appearances occur in a strategic way. To be among the best positioned companies, or to become a character of … Read more

Disclosure of News see how it works

How does news release work?

Disclosure of news is a way of bringing relevant information about a particular company using the journalistic format. Vehicles and media are pre-established through conversation with the customer. This type of service is performed by companies and agencies specialized in communication. The main objective is to bring the brand to an ever-increasing audience and thus contribute… Read more