Verification Seal: The Blue Seal

Why Invest in Advisory Services to obtain the Verification Seal or the Blue Seal?

Achieving the verification seal the blue seal can be a symbol of great importance for your business, company and brand, because this seal ends up giving your customers and public greater confidence about the products, services and content being presented on the network. Social.

But we know that earning the verification badge is not easy, for several reasons, mainly because it requires a lot of rules that your social network must follow to achieve. Another important factor is that alone you cannot achieve this long-awaited seal.

Therefore, the press office is an important figure to help you who seek to increase the authority of your brand and consequently receive the seal on social networks. It can help increase the likelihood of getting the seal faster.

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Hire Press Relations for Verification

We have columns on several leading and highly credible websites and communication vehicles. The functional process is for your news and articles to be published on our partner network.

For the news to be published in a guaranteed way, it is important that the content follows the editorial policy of the partner vehicles.

Benefits of the Verification Seal the Blue Seal?

The verification seal the blue seal on social networks offers your brand several advantages and benefits, including:

  • Credibility: The blue seal is synonymous with quality content, thus making it more interesting for many people
  • Becomes featured in search engines: The profile that has the verification, starts to stand out from the other profiles. 
  • Audience Increases: Verified profile also increases the amount of profile audience, making your content and branding more relevant.
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Why Invest in Advice with YOUR PRESS?

Your Press will help you achieve incredible results with our ranking techniques and the impressive range of services we offer.

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