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Press office it is a strategy that seeks to offer and create a good relationship with a brand, company or person, in front of the market, through spontaneous disclosure. Therefore, we have separated some information on this subject, for you who want to see the benefits of the press office and increase your visibility and don't know how.

Find out in this article what it is, how to do it and what are the main strategies in 2022 to generate greater results.

What is press office?

A Press office is a job whose main objective is to offer and generate visibility for a company or brand. It can be on various portals and media, such as television, newspapers, internet and much more.

Did you know that maintaining a good image through communication vehicles is a way to gain the trust of your customers? Well, that ends up becoming something essential for those who want to occupy a good position in their market.

The main work of Press office is to make a brand, company or person completely attractive, according to the eyes of the media. That is, to turn a person into news.

When a company gains prominence in the press, it ends up generating spontaneous media, that is, publicity that takes place at no cost.

But for all this to happen, it is important that the advisor does a good job and carries out some strategies so that his client becomes increasingly visible in the market.

Hire our press office!

When hiring a press office, your business gains credibility, having greater visibility in the market, thus building authority and much more. In this way, do not waste time and have your company well positioned in the market in which it operates. So, what are you waiting for to get ahead of your competitors and have great occupation in the market?

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When did the press office appear?

A Press office had the first official record, in the 20th century. The first report took place in 1906, when Ivy Ledbetter, an American journalist decides to report data about a certain organization to the press. Since then, the advisory services have gained prominence in the market.

Currently, this is a completely essential job, especially in a technological world and full of information at all times.

Types of advice?

When we talk about advice, it is important to emphasize that there is not just one type. But different types that are classified through strategies and more. Here are the types of services you can find:

1. Proactive advice

This type of advice happens when the company that offers the services, seeks space for its customers in vehicles of communication. In other words, when we talk about proactive strategy, it is the opportunity in the press. Through this strategy it is possible to plan several strategies. The main objective is to make the public aware of the main positive aspects of a particular brand. This strategy generates several benefits in the press office for brands. Among these we can mention:

  • Greater awareness of the brand in the market in which it operates and among different audiences;
  • Great company exposure;
  • Enhance brand reputation;
  • It has better control of the narrative.
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Therefore, it is a great option for the company that needs to position itself before the market.

2. Reactive Advice

The reactive strategy is damage control, that is, putting out fires, when we observe a company in a moment of crisis. In this way, when a customer finds himself in an environment with negative publicity, his brand counts. The restrictive consulting option works towards managing this situation effectively. The main objective is to end this crisis in a way that does not further harm the situation and brand of the business on the market.

3. Internal advice

Internal advice is an image formed within the company. The main purpose is to structure actions that seek to highlight the brand's strengths and goals. This work also helps in crisis resolution, pronouncement before the media. Not only, but also in guiding spokespeople through the press interview process and much more.

4. External advice

This hiring usually happens by companies that do not have a communication department within the company itself. In this way, they seek some specific actions, such as events, promotion of a specific product and much more. Therefore, external consultancy is a communication work carried out in an external environment. In other words, a way to communicate to society about the company, its products, services or even something new in the market.

5. Mixed advisory

This is very common to be sought by companies that already have a communication department or not. But even so, they seek communication actions in a more comprehensive way. It seeks to deal with the distribution of content and relationship with the media. Therefore, they are better-designed and especially effective strategies.

6. Seasonal advice

This is for companies that don't have a communication department and don't often have advisory work. But in some events, or seasonal situations, it seeks this type of services for dissemination. This type of contracting is sought after for having a low cost. But we know that the results are not always effective. After all, a good communication strategy for that company that seeks to position itself in the market needs time. That is, it should not be done only in moments of publicizing a product or service.

What are the functions of the advisory?

The main function of Press office is to offer relevant information to the target audience that is part of the communication vehicle that your client needs to be disclosed.

Therefore, it is important that the consultant does:

  • press release;
  • Define the subject;
  • Produce a good guideline;
  • Follow up on your client's interviews;
  • Have a good relationship with the press;
  • Support of newsworthiness criteria;
  • Create reliable and serious relationships with the media;
  • Plan situations to publicize your advisor;
  • Leave the client empowered to know how to deal with the press, to offer a totally positive image.
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This is a job that totally involves the relationship with the press. Therefore, it is important that the advisor passes on his client's data in a more interesting way for journalists.

Content marketing and advice must go hand in hand!

This is a strategy that should be used in 2022. Many people don't understand or even want to separate content marketing from content marketing. Press office. But in fact, these are activities that must go together, in order to offer greater benefits in the press office to generate results for those advised.

With a great increase in technology, it has become completely important that a company or person has a good development and reach on the internet, so that it is noticed by customers and also the spontaneous media.

Therefore, content marketing, inbound marketing and buy backlinks for SEO have become essential factors and strategies for the work of a Press office. Not only, but also on social networks, after all, a reputation begins on the internet, as it is the medium that propagates News and information quickly.

Thus, it is essential that the advisor also explore this means of communication and use strategies so that his client has good reach on the internet.

Content marketing can help with advice, with:

  • Creation and planning of campaign themes, so that they are disseminated both on the company's networks, blogs, social networks and much more, together with the press;
  • Create specialized content that can be reused at different times;
  • Keep communication completely aligned;
  • Increase the visibility of the advisor on the internet.

3 Communication Trends that will be successful in 2022

3 Communication Trends that will be successful

We know that keeping up to date and in line with the market is completely important. when we talk about Press office, the main tool is communication and must be updated according to the “era” in which we are living.

Therefore, we have separated 3 communication trends for the year 2022 that will be essential for the disclosure of advisors. 

1- Reliable information

In a world of technologies, where news happens quickly, it is important to maintain the reliability of information.

Therefore, passing on correct information to the press office is completely important so that you can maintain the image of your assisted person in a more efficient way and leverage its visibility in a positive way.

2- Multichannel communication

Did you know that having multichannel communication is completely important for the year 2022? After all, people are currently connected on various channels, such as the internet, social networks, digital news, websites and much more.

Thus, it is important to maintain multichannel communication to serve a group of people more broadly.

3- Digitization of communication

We know that digital communication is on the rise, but due to the circumstances that are happening in the world, the need to propagate and offer even more digitized communication becomes even greater, that is, through the internet.

Hire a press office and make your company known in the market!

Make your company known with press relations

Even with the great advance of technologies, the work of the Press office it is still completely essential. Not to mention that the advisor is a suitable professional to guide your fame and recognition in the market.

So, don't wait for a "magic", hire a press office and have your company recognized in the market. After all, it is through them that you can have your company recognized in the market and thus have greater profits.

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Benefits of the press office

Hiring a press office can offer several benefits to your company. Therefore, we have separated the main benefits that these services can offer for your brand.

  1. Increased media exposure: Several companies are not always in the media. But we know that the more an organization shows the benefits and appears in the media, the more recognized it becomes. In this way, by relying on advice, your brand reaches new audiences.
  2. Helps with brand reputation: When you start to be with your brand showing the benefits and present in the media and with a positive image. Your business will certainly have a good reputation in the market in which it operates.
  3. Crisis management and ideas: We know that every company can have moments of crisis. But professionals or owners do not always know how to act efficiently at this time. In this way, when hiring advice, your brand starts to have a good positioning and actions in times of crisis.


What is the purpose of a press office?

The main objective of the press office is to offer a relationship between a company and the media, generating great benefits. Therefore, it serves as a bridge between the company and the communication channels.

What does a press officer mean?

Press advisor is a professional whose main objective is to supply and inform the media with relevant information, benefits and curiosities about his advisor.

What is the value of the press office?

The value of the press office may vary according to the size of the company. Thus, the value can be from R$ 1.500 to R$ 20.000 depending on the size of the advised company and among other factors that are also taken into account when budgeting.

Don't know where to find a press office?

Sua Imprensa is a company specialized in providing press services. It offers all the support you need to be recognized in the market in which it operates.

The entire strategy that Sua Imprensa offers is fully in line with the technological innovations communication that the world has been demanding in 2022. In addition, it offers several plans, so that you have a strategy aligned with your needs and conditions at the moment.

Your Press offers you the visibility you need to leverage your business and career, generating:

  • Credibility for your brand;
  • Dissemination of news online;
  • Immediate authority of your business;

Still in doubt? On our website you can find several testimonials from our customers who have achieved the desired success and today take advantage of their authority to have good profitability.

What are you waiting for to get ahead of your competitors and have great occupation in the market in which you operate? Discover the services that Your Press offers and come take advantage of every opportunity!

Hire our press office!

When hiring a press office, your business gains credibility, having greater visibility in the market, thus building authority and much more. In this way, do not waste time and have your company well positioned in the market in which it operates. So, what are you waiting for to get ahead of your competitors and have great occupation in the market?

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