What is key messages

key messages

Key messages is a strategy widely used in order to consolidate the main ideas of a brand. That is, informing more about your products and services to the target audience. Therefore, we have separated the main details about this strategy and how it can help your company. Communicating something to media channels is completely… Read more

Digital communication: See what the trends are

Digital communication

Digital communication is something that has completely changed the course of several companies and businesses. In just a few decades, digital communication has become the main form of communication between people. So, see more details on this subject. Simply put, communication by digital means involves online communication efforts… Read more

Crisis management find out all about

crisis management

Crisis management is very important for a company and business. Many professionals, entrepreneurs and people don't know how to deal in times of crisis. But know that it is a very important factor for any organization. So, see more information on this subject. After all, what do you think of when you hear the term crisis? One … Read more

Institutional communication: What is it?

Institutional communication

Institutional communication is important for companies that seek to have a good relationship both internally and externally. In this way, see what it is, how it works and its importance for an institution that wants to position itself in the market. Unlike commercial communication that seeks to communicate about an offer… Read more

Business communication: See how important it is

Business Communication

Did you know that business communication is important? Well, all companies need to communicate with their employees and customers. That is, both internally and externally. Excellent corporate communication is the glue that binds all employees of a company together. From headquarters to the front line, including those who work remotely. Without … Read more

Integrated communication: Should it apply to your company?

Integrated communication

Integrated communication is important for a brand that wants to consolidate itself in the market in which it operates. After all, the world is increasingly competitive with countless vehicles to advertise your product or brand. With that in mind, we have separated all the information about this type of communication and much more. A consistent marketing message across multiple… Read more

Internal Communication: Know what it is and its importance

Internal communication

Did you know that internal communication is a very important factor for any negotiation? Well, how you convey a message is just as important as the message itself. With that in mind, we have separated all the information about what it is and why this communication is so important for your business. Studies claim that… Read more

Disclosure of News see how it works

How does news release work?

Disclosure of news is a way of bringing relevant information about a particular company using the journalistic format. Vehicles and media are pre-established through conversation with the customer. This type of service is performed by companies and agencies specialized in communication. The main objective is to bring the brand to an ever-increasing audience and thus contribute… Read more